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Betsy Zmuda-Swanson, MSW, SEP
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Illinois & Iowa

How to prepare yourself for a therapy session

Therapy calls for courage. Admitting that parts of your life no longer work is a major step towards finding and unravelling long term patterns. Defenses and patterns tend to be subtle and so well woven into our lives we can miss what is tripping us up. Often a crisis brings to light one's areas of stuckness. Resulting in feeling overwhelmed, lost, abandonded, directionless, distrustful or harshly judged. I welcome, individuals, and couples, and families. I work with men and women, teens, young adults, and adults.

Encountering behavioral, emotional, or mental difficulties can feel debilitating. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, cutting, and many forms of trauma all include aspects of handling the difficulties of life. Feeling lonely, ineffectual, incompetent or ignored? We each have several centers and ways to ground.

Start focusing on being centered. It can take a long time to develop this simple skill. Whether you are into martial arts, sports, yoga, tai chi, a walker, or a person who rarely exercises, how you use your body is very important to your overall mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Find your center of gravity in your body. We each actually have several centers that coincide with the chakras, however overall using your center, your center of gravity will prove incredibly useful.


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